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In THIS Tribe . . .

We don’t waste precious energy conforming to some mythical stereotype. We’re not mainstream or “crunchy,” young or old, breastfeeders or formula feeders, attached parents or 1950s housewives. We’re all of that and none of it, and frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Most of us are sleep-deprived, and we’ve all had moments when we miss our old identities (and social lives and bodies and partnerships and free time and naps and free time).

We know in our hearts that life as we’ve known it does not end because we’ve birthed a child (but we’re here for some direction on figuring out that part).

Our soul tribe is funny, sarcastic, soulful and REAL AF, and we CELEBRATE each other, SUPPORT one another, ASK FOR HELP, share virtual glasses of wine and encourage each person to be the most kick-ass, confident and fun mom they can be. We’re about that new mom SOS in all its forms. From “why is her poop green?!” to those “loaded,” EMOTIONAL, often-silenced concerns of women on the other side of motherhood (“My husband doesn’t get me . . . I resent my single friends . . . I don’t know how to take care of myself anymore . . . I don’t know what I’m good at . . . I’m going to lose my sh*t”)

Around these parts, postpartum depression isn’t an embarrassing disease we whisper about in shame. In THIS corner of the internet, we say very matter-of-factly, “I am one of almost 1 million women dealing with postpartum depression, AND I’m pretty awesome.”

This isn’t about parenting advice, because there are approximately 10 billion other corners of the Internet that will help you with that. You won’t learn (from me, at least) how to sleep train, potty train, or teach your baby sign language.

We’re here to share glasses of wine and lift each other up. We boldly believe that validating our own feelings and happiness, shows our daughters they can do the same someday. We do this together with zero judgment, mad love and total bad-assery. If you’ve never felt like you had a corner of the Internet where you belonged, this is it.

Created and led by Gervase Kolmos, a REAL AF Certified Life and Leadership Coach for Mamas, this group is a sisterhood where G is laying the bricks to build a movement that gives permission + coaching for mamas to HAVE IT ALL in business AND mom life. She also works with mothers through local events in Charleston, SC; private coaching packages; through her signature Reclaim You Before Baby Turns 2 virtual group program; and as a MOMspired Ambassador.  Ready to shake off that sleepy new mom fog and rejoin the world as the evolved, more aligned new version of you?

Welcome to YOUR Mommy Soul Tribe, you unicorn, YOU.