Reclaim You Before Baby Turns 2

Reclaim You Before Baby Turns 2


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Coaching + Sisterhood + G’s step-by-step system to reclaim your identity after motherhood

Reclaim You Before Baby Turns 2 is a 6-week group coaching program empowering mamas with babes under the age of 2 to deep-dive into the parts of their lifestyles and identities that have shifted on the other side of motherhood. Guided by a Certified Life & Leadership Coach for Mamas and supported by a real sisterhood, moms with littles will put the pieces of their lives, careers, and relationships back together to create identities that allow them to HAVE IT ALL in the very real and messy context of mom life.


  • Four 90-minute group coaching calls over the course of 6 weeks – We’ll connect via Zoom at varying times throughout the course. All calls will be recorded.
  • Two 30-minute Truth Chats with G – One private coaching call at the beginning to set personal transformational goals and one at the end of the program where Gervase can help you integrate your most valuable takeaways.
  • Safe space for permission and encouragement to play bigger from the tribe and Gervase during each virtual gathering
  • Sisterhood – the real kind that is non-judgmental, celebratory, gives you “me toos” and honest reflection to help you SOAR.
  • PDF Workbook – to accompany the curriculum and enable you to dive even deeper into the work, take notes on calls, and encourage DIY self-reflection and future-oriented ACTION during the course and afterwards whenever you need it. 


Each of our four group coaching calls will be led by Gervase and focus on one of the four themes below. Each call will be supported in detail by supplemental material in the accompanying workbook to make as much room for live coaching + sisterhood as possible each week. The step-by-step framework I teach mothers is part coaching, part community and part practical support for #reallife as a mom. The workbook will handle all the logistics of the hows you face now in your quest for balance, along with resources to get you started.

Our group calls will be sacred for those who can make it live, with time for everyone to share, feel heard and supported and also learn the core framework Gervase teaches (and used, herself) to do the (fun!) work of rediscovering who you are in the midst of raising tiny humans. Together as a tribe, we’ll encourage each other to do the self-exploration and reap the benefits (before we’re even potty training! What?!)! The ripple effect of mamas in the same stage of mothering reclaiming their identities together is gigantic and you will transform old limiting beliefs about mommy guilt, money, marriage, etc quickly and powerfully!

All group calls will be held via Zoom (video conferencing software), so we can all see each other and cement relationships as a Mom Tribe from Week 1.



10 spots available

$297 early-bird pricing through April 21st; $397 pricing ends May 19th

Program runs the weeks of May 22 — June 26th

*Payment plans available

What Other Mamas Are Saying:

“My favorite thing about the course was the honesty & compassion from Gervase leading the group, along with the women in the group. Everything was so real. I’ve yet to feel that ever from a group of women. And I’ve never met Gervase but feel so close to her. She’s truly a unique and loving individual. I’ve experienced personal growth and am forgiving myself more. I’m so proud of what Gervase is doing. She is truly giving every woman a gift.”

-Jessica Hamilton

“It was so awesome to be constantly reminded and around people wanting the same for themselves.”

– Anonymous (regarding previous group course)

“After my Truth Chat with Gervase I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! She helped me verbalize fears that I had not even put a name to yet. I feel incredibly affirmed and emboldened with a plan to move forward. The thing that surprised me the most about being coached by Gervase was how quickly she teased out my deepest concerns! I went into this chat feeling like everything in my marriage was fine, and told myself that I wouldn’t bring up my deeper worries during the call. To my surprise, it took Gervase about 5 minutes to get me to spill it all, and I’m so glad we were able to do some ‘quick and dirty soul work.’

What I’m taking away from our call is that I can always come back to my intuition. My intuition is not fodder for an argument; it is my TRUTH. I can stand by my truth and face down my fears to conquer just about anything that comes my way.”


“After my Truth Chat with Gervase I feel inspired! Gervase helped me strip away some negative patterns that were keeping me from starting something that I have been thinking about for a long time. Essentially, she asked the right questions to simplify something that I was making very complicated. I also feel seen and heard–Gervase made me feel respected and listened to in a way that has been lacking in my SAHM life.

The thing that surprised me the most about being coached by Gervase was the instant connection! I felt like I was talking to an old friend, or even a close colleague. It was like she was ready to be on my team from the moment we said ‘Hello.’

What I’m taking away from our call is a simplified approach to a goal that I thought was much more complicated!”

-Erin Ponton Fiero

“Truthfully, I was concerned about the time and financial commitment to the class, but in taking this class I realized that I’m worth investing in.  I feel that I make more of an effort to show my husband appreciation (because that’s what I crave).  I’m more likely, though it’s a struggle, to take some mommy time.  I also am not as hard on myself as a mother. I would tell other mothers who are hesitating to join that you’re worth investing in. You’re not alone, and you deserve to get feedback/support from other mamas.”

-Tara Wooten

“As moms we often want to be the best of the best at everything, especially motherhood. But sometimes we need to take a break from motherhood and give ourselves a time out – one that involves investing in ourselves financially, physically and especially emotionally. We need to take the time to meditate on our goals, our hopes, our dreams and our aspirations. And in turn, that time can refresh and motivate and therefore benefit the whole family. happy wife – happy life . . . happy mom – happy everybody!”

-Katherine Cooney

“I would tell any women who are nervous about the investment to go for it! You’ll find the unicorn hidden inside yourself! You’ll also find the non-judgmental support you need and crave. No matter the issue, someone else (in the program) will have been there already or is there, too.

Gervase is a wonderful coach and will make you feel at home from the word start.”



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May 22, 2017 to June 26, 2017


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