Private Coaching

Private Coaching packages are for high-level achievers who are already doing big things in life and/or business and are ready to play even bigger.

Behind every successful woman is soul tribe who has her back AND a personal coach holding her accountable to being her brightest and most bad-ass self and supporting her as she navigates the under-discussed crazy transitions of balancing motherhood AND big, scary, bad-ass dreams. We go deep into mindset, limiting beliefs, fear of failure, your big love relationship and the like, while taking inventory of your stock of fun, self-care, identity, self-talk, self-awareness, thought patterns and needs. We also tease out the mom life logistics that are taking up valuable space in your mom brain and likely making your life way harder than it needs to be, ensuring that your energy and time is being maximized to allow you to GET WHAT YOU WANT.

I combine a practical, “real AF” coaching style with the gentle reassurance, validation and cheerleading you’ve been looking for in all the wrong places.

Packages start at $1,000, are highly customized to fit the needs of the individual and are available for a limited number of clients each quarter. Payment plans are available, and the first step is to schedule a Truth Chat below, at the end of which we’ll design the longterm coaching relationship that’s most ideal for you and your needs, if you desire it.

There is no obligation for you to sign up for private coaching after this session. It’s simply an invitation for you to fully experience HOW I emotionally, logistically and energetically support and empower mothers to experience more freedom, balance, joy and ease amidst their real lives.



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