Champagne Society

Charleston mamas, meet your favorite new monthly night out: Champagne Society.

A classy, kid-free evening out, Champagne Society will pair play with practicality, and champagne, of course. Every month, we’ll be giving you a reason to toast some well-deserved bubbly with girlfriends (new and old), while connecting with some of the most successful and inspiring business owners in Charleston (always while shopping or self-caring in some way).

The night’s highlight will be an “Honest Conversation” in G’s signature real coaching style with the month’s featured guest or panel about what it REALLY takes to balance business and motherhood. Expect a peek inside the lifestyles of women who “have it all,” along with some of their success secrets, followed by an engaging Q&A. What’s shared in Champagne Society, stays in Champagne Society.

*PSA: This will NOT be your classic Mom’s Night Out. You’ve been warned. Dress to impress.

Because whilst raising tiny humans and being an overall bad-ass, it’s always a good idea to get dressed up, connect with inspiring women and drink champagne in a swoon-worthy venue. Always.




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February 16, 2017


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