“Gervase did a great job of making everyone comfortable right from the get go as she shared her story [with the group of mothers]. In turn, every woman was open with her own thoughts and offered something to take away. The best benefit for me was the opportunity to listen to others’ perspectives as we discussed issues that seem to arise for every mom … in a safe environment. It’s nice to hear someone confirm something I may feel inside but haven’t given voice to, or offer up a fresh perspective on how to cope with an issue. I think Gervase is a natural as a life coach, and is especially strong at making her clients feel at ease.”

-Kelly Greene of her Moms Night Off experience

“Having the documents from our sessions available has been invaluable. When I have been feeling down or beating myself up for some of the issues we worked on during our sessions, going back to the notes and remembering what we talked about and some of the observations that came out of our sessions has really helped me remember to bring myself back into the moment and value myself.”


“I’d searched for a coach for two years. It wasn’t until I read Gervase’s blog and spoke with her on the phone that I knew I finally found my coach.

As a result of our sessions, I found clarity, direction, and perspective.

Your ability to ask the right questions [ was my favorite thing about working with you].”

–Sarah S.

“I had no hesitation in working with you, because I was able to relate to you and felt no judgement. Since working together, I feel like I am much more comfortable in my own skin and can put things into perspective much better. My favorite part of our sessions was having to answer questions for myself that I wouldn’t think to ask.”


“You have a gift for making people smile and feel comfortable, especially in potentially awkward situations. I don’t have to feel self conscious talking about my issues with you because you “get it” and know how to help me feel lighter by the end of the conversation.

As a result of our sessions, I get Clarity. Hope. a smile.

My favorite part about working with you is the overwhelming environment of positivity. Additional benefits of our sessions have been the daily positive mantras that help me change my cycle of negative thoughts and help me survive trying situations with my children without always losing it.

I recommend you to everybody. I know you work primarily with new moms but I would recommend you to old men and hardened criminals because you have the nature and the wisdom to charm and bring hope to anyone.

Gervase gives you the tools to do things for yourself. Don’t expect her to be the magician to heal your problems. That hard work is up to you.”


“After my coaching session, I feel like my mind and spirit have been shaken up and given a fresh dose of clarity. It was the perfect pick-me-up for how I’ve been feeling lately. Gervase was completely nonjudgmental and made me feel completely comfortable about opening up to her. [During my session] I learned that I have the tools I need to make what I want happen, it’s just a matter of putting those tools in place. Gervase helped me streamline those ideas and to connect the dots in areas where I felt a little out of sorts. Sometimes you have all of these ideas in your head and you know what you have to do to get started, but you just don’t know where to get started. Gervase gave me assignments to get me on track towards putting those ideas in motion.”


“Your personality makes it easy to talk to you. Like you’re a friend and not a life coach. You really listen and point out things that I never would have thought of – like taking things I said and turning them around so I could see them from another perspective. I thought you were very helpful in getting my thoughts organized, setting personal goals and making me feel like I wasn’t alone in all this. You’re relatable, you really listen, and you help people solve their own problems and not just tell them what to do. You were incredibly helpful. Just what I needed!”

-Mandy Cutler 

“[Initially, working with a coach] felt a little indulgent, to be honest. As if I couldn’t get it together enough to straighten my stuff out. But, I needed a fresh perspective and to figure out what was holding me back. It is something I couldn’t have done alone. I needed someone else to help me analyze the best and worst outcome for my situation and to hold me accountable for what I said I was going to do. The number one benefit of working with Gervase was major progress on [a project] I have been sitting on for 10 years and feeling accomplished and creative again! I felt like I lost a bit of that after I had my son. If you could get me going this much in just one session, I can only imagine what you can do with more time. Thank you for your help! I have already recommended you to friends and family!”

-Jenni Straus 


“I feel like our session just opened a new section of my brain that I had sealed off for a long time. I now know the issues and things I need to fully think through before taking any next steps in my life and career. I loved how it felt like I was talking to an old friend, but an old friend who is also ‘good at being a friend’ – a good listener, someone who has your best interests in mind, one who wants you to reach your full potential. Instead of telling me how to do things, you simply re-told me what I said, because your LISTENED to me say it, and then asked “Well, why?” and that is very powerful. I think this session will have far reaching effects on my career and life path. I also think it will have an effect on my happiness, which I have neglected for a long time.

I am recommending you to my closest, coolest friends who are in a good mental place to begin doing WORK within themselves. I think the most important things I would tell someone is that you are a great listener who will help you sort out your own thoughts and beliefs and then challenge you as to why you hold them so dear, or in that particular order. Your role is not as some “sage” who knows everything, but as a good friend, like I said before, who really listens and helps you move forward. You rock lady!”

-Jessica Swainbank-Cummings