Being a mama is beautiful and life-changing and everything, but it’s also hard work with no lunch break, and nobody tells the truth about all the conflicting feelings we have about all the new demands on our identities. Well, girl, I do! I hear you and I’ve been you, and my signature coaching style pairs a tell-it-like-it-is perspective with a genuine, un-fakeable understanding of how you need to feel to be the mom and woman you are meant to be. Oh and the ability to get you there swiftly and ease-fully.

If you’re getting a little jaded and calling BS on anyone who says you can be running on empty AND feel empowered, happy and free in the blending of your pre-baby identity with you post-baby responsibilities – this is your invitation to say yes to YOU and block off a power hour to clear some space in that busy mind of yours for clarity.


In just 50 minutes, we will tease out the one thing that’s making your real life and mom life way harder than it has to be and coach you through the mindset shifts, practical lifestyle changes, and realistic self-care possibilities to get you feeling like the bad-ass you were before the babes were born.

EXPECT TO GAIN: Self-love, decision-making ease, presence and just straight-up joy after 50 minutes strategizing how to make mom life work for YOU.

*NOTE: As I am paying a babysitter to watch my little so I can schedule calls with paying VIP clients, I can no longer offer free “pick-my-brain” calls, so I invite you to schedule a Power-Hour Coaching Call to connect! If you are interested in learning more about how I got started and got SUPER in touch with my audience of mamas on what they really need, want and feel moment-to-moment, you can book a session below and note what you’d like to work through and I’m happy to support you in this way!