Virtual Private Coaching Intensive

Consider this your virtual coaching Power Hour (and a half) to knock out all the mindset shifts, limiting beliefs, mom life logistics and fear that are getting in your way of being awesome or feeling amazing. Like a shot of 5-hour energy that will last much longer (think months) and help you integrate sustainable transformations after two deep conversations.

We meet virtually (by phone of zoom video call) for two 90-minute coaching sessions, with two weeks in between, TOPS.

Coaching Intensives are for high-level achievers who are already doing big things in life and/or business and are ready to play even bigger.

Behind every successful woman is a soul tribe who has her back AND a personal coach holding her accountable to being her brightest and most bad-ass self and supporting her as she navigates the under-discussed crazy transitions of balancing motherhood AND big, scary, bad-ass dreams.