Rest, Rejuvenate and Reclaim You Retreat

Imagine yourself surrounded by silence (and maybe a bird or two). A tropical sanctuary with lush palm trees on each side, powdery white sand beneath your feet and crystalline turquoise water as far as the eye can see, while gentle waves lap at your feet. No children to follow with your eyes (and your nervous heart) and no guilt for just being on that beach in that moment, soaking it up, possibly catching up on 10,000 hours of missing sleep via a catnap or two. Behind you, a villa. Your private villa. It’s filled with like-hearted and soulful women; fresh, beautiful food, hand-prepared by your private chef; a bartender fixing you everything from fresh-squeezed juice to your favorite signature cocktail. Whatever you want, sister. It’s your paradise, and you are here to slow your heart rate, calm those frazzled nerves and fall back in love with your life and yourself.

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 Tulum, Mexico