Meet the New SHH Dream Team


What is the Mommy Soul Tribe?

Well, a) if you’re not already IN the FREE Facebook group community where we celebrate each other, lift each other up, share glasses of wine, curse like sailors and exchange JUDGEMENT-FREE advice about how to make it through the transition into motherhood in one piece . . . START HERE and see for yourself! (PSA: This is not a trick – just a genuine invite for you to be a part of something truly special and life-changing.)

How does it work?

For the past 1.5 years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into serving this online community with free support, sisterhood and content via weekly FB Lives and blogs/posts to teach mamas take care of themselves, ask for what they need and GET what they DESERVE. The tribe is growing, and this mama called for back-up. And it ARRIVED.

Meet the Shiny. Happy. Human. Dream Team, affectionately called the “Unicorn Squad.” Women who are energized by supporting and inspiring other women. Women who embody what I’m all about here in my corner of the internet and are ready to give you the permission you deserve to create a life you love. They will be jumping into our incredible Mommy Soul Tribe community to provide next-level support, share info about my local events, programs and services and even provide additional value in guest FB Lives, Desire Map workshops, invites to events in our local community here in Charleston, SC, and more! Whew! This party is ’bout to be poppin’! Come over and grab your free Mommy Soul Tribe Welcome Kit for the initiation and like the Shiny. Happy. Human. Facebook page to stay in the know about what we’re creating for our community so you can HAVE IT ALL in business and mom life. I am thrilled to meet you. Cheers, G


Jaclyn Shaw, Founder of MOMspired

Jaclyn is a soulpreneur + spirit junkie momma of 2 beautiful babes. She is on a mission to teach mommas around the globe how to have it all, how to not lose your identity as woman when becoming a momma & how to create a biz + life YOU are wildly passionate about.  So YOU can spend your days doing the things you love most with the people you love most!

She believes YOU are WORTH it!  YOU DESERVE it!!

Valerie Capp, Founder of The Nurturing Collective

Founder of The Nurturing Collective, Valerie creates the space for women to connect with each other while working to peel back their layers to get clear on who they truly are so they can start living a life that feels in alignment.

As a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map, Valerie leads workshops that help woman get clear on what they desire by defining their Core Desired Feelings and then using those feelings as a basis for life planning. Essentially, she helps women discover how they most want to feel every day. Based on the bestselling book, The Desire Map, these workshops are a guide to helping you create Goals with Soul.

Val is the momma to a 6 year old boy and married to the most patient, hunky guy.

Find out more at

Anna Westerlund

Anna is a married mom of 2 sweet girls, Taylor (8) and Sela (4), who has called Charleston my home for the last 12 years with my supportive hubby. She’s a recovering workaholic who recently departed an intense, chaotic, decade-long work life to learn about the joys of being at home with her family full-time and making time to learn more about herself.

“I said yes because helping Gervase support other moms in our community will be an amazing experience to not only connect us, but show others that it’s possible to find that fun and free woman inside each of us every now and then! Life is too short, just eat the damn cake.”

Windy lives in Mount Pleasant, SC, with her husband, Ian, bonus son Chance (8), her strong-willed wild man, Shepard (2.5), and sassy princess, Dagney (15m). She’s a tech nerd  by day, implementing software across the country remotely, and a Beautycounter babe by passion, who is on a mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone!!
“I said YES, because this is my tribe and I connected with Gervase instantly at our first meeting. I am excited to support other like-minded mamas and help them regain those pre-mama self pieces they miss (pssst you have permission to find them again – who knew?!?!)”
Tamsen is a mama to Breccan, 8 months, and Gemma, 4 months. In her nonexistent spare time she’s also an LLL mom who leads free support groups for mamas around town and the President of Moms Club of Charleston. A fellow soul searcher, she’s here to support, encourage and gain wisdom and has so much love for the zero judgment vibes of the Mommy Soul Tribe!

“I said yes because I’m “all in” for having it all, and lifting others up energizes me.”

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